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OCTOPIZE Mimethik Data: an innovative start-up, expert in personal data anonymization

OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data (formerly WeData), created in 2018, has developed a method for anonymizing personal data based on an innovative artificial intelligence technique: avatars. This is a differentiating and innovative approach resulting from a research and development program with a strong scientific and technological ambition.

Avatars are anonymized data, ("Mimethik Data") allowing to share without revealing and to exploit in an ethical way. Avatars are no longer considered as personal data: they are not subject to the RGPD.

Avatars reconcile the paradox between protecting individuals and sharing data. It is an anonymization without compromise.

Indeed, they guarantee protection through security metrics and keep the statistical quality of the initial data, thus ensuring reproducibility.


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Sharing without revealing to exploit ethically


Respecting the privacy of individuals is an ethical imperative. Avatars (synthetic data from our solution) guarantee respect for confidentiality. Our vision: "When we analyze data, there is no longer any justification for taking a risk of re-identification. "


The protection of individuals is at the heart of the Avatar method and of OCTOPIZE's solutions, notably thanks to metrics that ensure and prove security. In particular, the method ensures compliance with the 3 criteria described in the G29 opinion of 05/2014 namely, individualization, correlation and inference.


Avatars allow sharing since the summary data resulting from the method are no longer personal data. They fall outside the framework of the RGPD, are respectful of everyone and can be used by all. The sharing also induces the transparency of the method and allows the reproducibility of the results.


OCTOPIZE, a Deeptech start-up, has developed a unique data anonymization technology. This breakthrough innovation facilitates access to data for secondary uses (innovation, research, sharing).

Heading towards ethical data for the benefit of all, respectful of everyone.

Our approach


We are experts in Data Privacy / Data Sharing issues and the use of your personal data

Avatars, a unique method for anonymizing personal data

OCTOPIZE has developed a software dedicated to the processing and exploitation of personal data without compromising either their confidentiality or their informative value (secondary analyses).

Project management: data structuring, visualization, analysis and valorization.

Our team of experts will support you throughout the value chain of your projects.
Our solutions


Discover the OCTOPIZE solutions applied to different examples of use cases (health, banking, insurance, etc.)

Data transfer outside the EU

This use case illustrates the problem of transferring personal data to a partner outside the European Union.
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Revaluation of a cohort for a new use

This use case illustrates the problem of reuse of personal data for a new purpose not foreseen by the processing purpose of the first consent.
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Risk limitation in internal use

This use case deals with precautionary notions in the use and governance of personal data. How to limit the risks linked to an internal use of this data?
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New York Taxi

The "New York Taxi" use case presents a context of anonymization of spatio-temporal data. The difficulty lies in the particular nature of this data, where the combination of spatial and temporal dimensions accentuates the risk of re-identification.
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Our collaborations

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Nantes University Hospital

We deploy our avatarization algorithm on large-scale medical data. Nantes University Hospital is interested in our solution to ensure privacy of patient data and quality retention for medical research.

SOS Médecins

We rework the complete data pipeline of SOS Médecins, from the collection of medical data to the production of a monitoring and predicting tool for physicians. This project involves extensive data management to handle more than 3 million medical records per year throughout France.


The HAP2 project is a major European project in which OCTOPIZE is participating. We were asked to participate because of our expertise in data anonymization and the breakthrough innovation that avatars represent in terms of both security and reproducibility. This European study aims to improve the prevention and treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia.

Industrie pharmaceutique - client OCTOPIZE

Pharma industry

We work with the pharmaceutical industry and intervene on the anonymization of clinical trial data. Our expertise allows them to facilitate the sharing of data outside the EU and unlock secondary uses of the data collected without legal constraints or retention limits.
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