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Our story


An ambitious, agile team dedicated to your data challenges!

OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data (formerly WeData) is a start-up created in 2018, with a strong scientific and technological ambition.

Why the creation of OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data in 2018 ?

Historically from the health sector, our interactions with our partners have allowed us to identify a recurring problem. Is it possible to keep the information value of personal data without compromising their security? After 5 years of R&D combining advanced technical know-how and a strong understanding of data, OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data (formerly WeData) was created to focus on the development of a solution crystallizing these years of research. The result is a conceptually innovative solution with strong competitive advantages over the competition; the Avatar solution.


The change from WeData to OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data

At the beginning of 2021, we mark a strong shift by giving birth to a new brand to better assert our positioning and our values. WeData has thus become OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data.
  • OCTOPIZE refers to the adaptive camouflage ability of the mimetic octopus: a marine animal that performs feats and blends into its environment to avoid being recognized.
  • Mimethik Data represents the avatar, an ethical data that mimics personal data.
  • Our new logo, composed of eight panels, illustrates a rudder, a marine symbol of the course we want to take.
OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data was born to better assert our values and our ambition :

"Towards ethical data at the service of all, respectful of everyone."

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