Our customers

SOS Médecins France
Better care through data management.
Security - Visualization - Alert

SOS Médecins France is an association of private doctors specializing in general medicine, experienced in emergency medicine.

  • Overhaul the information system of SOS Médecins France
  • Implement a tool to visualize the activity
  • Alert on variations of critical pathologies
  • Data security, from collection to exploitation
  • Health watch enabled by an alert and visualization system
CHU of Nantes
Ensure the confidentiality of personal data by the Avatars.
Avatar - Research - Governance

The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Nantes created a data warehouse in 2018 aimed at conducting research projects and improving patient medical care.


Availability of the Avatar anonymization technology with the following objectives :

  • Transform personal data into an avatar (anonymized summary data as defined by the CNIL) to ensure the confidentiality due to each patient
  • Enable the adoption of an ethical approach to data analysis
  • Guarantee the reproducibility of results in security
  • Secure data governance policy with avatars
  • Ensure the impossibility of re-identifying patients (non-GPR data)
  • After experimentation on several use cases, and proof of the effectiveness of our method, the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes renewed its confidence by integrating the avatar software into its data warehouse
Drive decisions with data.
Visualization - Multi-source valuation - Monitoring

Argos is a multi-source platform for monitoring COVID-19.


To provide decision-making elements in the face of an epidemic:

  • Aggregate and store medical data from different sources
  • Propose a graphical visualization tool to drive decisions
  • Help in the management of decisions by anticipation
  • Optimization of hospital flow management
Using data for research.
Data hub - Analysis - Avatar

The HAP2 project "Host-Targeted Approaches for the Prevention and the treatment of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia" is a large-scale European project that aims to prevent hospital-acquired pneumonia.

  • Set up a secure platform for sharing data between partners
  • Anonymize clinical trial data
  • Analyze the data collected
  • Centralization of medical data for research in the Data hub
  • Securing patient data
  • Provision of avatars to support scientific publications and ensure reproducibility of science
Pharmaceutical Industries
Anonymize clinical trial and real-life data.
Avatar - Sharing - Secondary uses

Several pharmaceutical industries trust us for data anonymisation.

  • Transforming personal data from clinical trials and real-life data into avatars (anonymised summary data as defined by the CNIL)
  • Ensure reproducibility of results in security and allow data to be sent outside the EU (especially to the US after the invalidation of the Privacy Shield following the Schremps II case)
  • Anonymisation of clinical trial and real life data
  • Sharing of data outside the EU
  • Unlocking secondary uses of collected data without legal constraints or retention limits
  • Transparency and reproducibility of research
  • Provision of synthesis data to support a scientific publication