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Use cases

To demonstrate the effectiveness of avatars, OCTOPIZE illustrates here the results obtained by its customers, on open source data.
These analyses cover different sectors (health, banking, mobility, etc.) to illustrate how the method works and its unique advantages.
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New York Taxi

The "New York Taxi" use case presents a context of anonymization of spatio-temporal data. The difficulty lies in the particular nature of this data, where the combination of spatial and temporal dimensions accentuates the risk of re-identification.

Body Fat

This use case illustrates a supervised learning problem: the prediction of a continuous value, here the percentage of fat mass, according to the other parameters of the data set.

Heart Disease

This use case corresponds to a classification exercise. The goal is to predict a bimodal value, here the presence of cardiac disease in the patient, according to the other parameters entered in the dataset.

Systolic Blood Pressure

The data captured in this use case covers the very specific context of time series anonymization.
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